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What is a controversial essay?

A controversial essay mainly talks about any debatable issue in the society; these are the common public issues on which a great deal of debate is ongoing. It’s not a difficult task to write on controversy essays as there is plenty of material available to write on it which you can get from the online sources as well as by applying the offline research methods like interviews, surveys and discussions. The readers are already triggered to read about the controversies so choosing a controversy essay topic will be quite easier for you.

How to select controversial essay topics?

Now the question here is how to select controversial essay titles. There are several hot issues being discussed in the media which are controversial. The most popular topics for controversial essay are;

  • controversial essay on immigration
  • controversial essay on stem cell
  • controversial essay on global warming
  • controversial essay on abortion
  • controversial essay on stress
  • controversial essay on cloning

The simple rule to write a controversial essay is the find the topics about which people have views in favor as well disfavor and you can produce some debatable arguments.

How to write a controversial essay?

First of all make sure that you are well aware of the topic which you have selected to write; one should not be too much critical in writing these issues, the information which you are going to give should be based on the facts and rationality. One should know the fundamental nature of the topic as many people have already read such issues and they would have their own opinion so you need to have a lot more ideas and points to present and the ability to weigh that which point is more important and which is not. One should write in such a way that it arouses a debate in the essay leading to a solid rational of the base of issue. So before you begin writing, make the controversial essay outline so that you can fit in the controversial essay ideas in the controversial essay format productively.

Controversial Essay Introduction

While writing the introduction, you should discuss the main issue of the topic. You should mention the reasons behind the basics of the topic. It will attract the reader’s attention and enable him/her to understand what you are going to discuss in the remaining part of the essay. It is advised that you must have predetermined knowledge of the issue and you must have studied all the available resources to get all the viewpoints and arguments of the issue. Once you have complete grip on the issue, it would be easy to catch the reader’s attention. You have to present the controversial essay thesis statement in the introduction.

Controversial Essay Body Paragraphs

When you start writing the body, the first step should be gathering all the information collectively and then select the points which you are going to discuss. It is recommended that you must have previous knowledge about the topic so that you could give solid and rational reasons to be discussed. Write your own opinions and include other’s opinions about the topic. It would be beneficial if you also include some experts’ reviews as this will enhance the understanding of the topic. Present your opinion to the point and do not try to lengthen your writing unnecessarily; otherwise, you may lose the spirit of the topic. In the main body of the essay, give your opinions if you are in favor of the topic or against it. You have to give strong reasons to prove your opinions.

Controversial Essay Conclusion

The conclusion of your essay should be in a controversial way, giving rise to more arguments in the topic and continue debate. You should state your opinion boldly and valiantly.

Controversial essay format

The format of a controversial essay should be in such a way that it has a strong beginning with logical arguments in its body and then a firm and fearless conclusion at the end. One should not become sentimental whilst discussing such issues, and should give information industriously.

The best way to see the practical of the controversial essay writing tips is to get controversial essay examples for the reason that controversial essay samples have the practical application of controversial essay guidelines.

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